QuasarDB is the only solution that combines large scale storage and instant querying thanks to its uncompromising focus in terms of performance and innovative database design. When your data needs exceed a certain threshold, suddenly, working setups become a nightmare as you reach intrinsic limits of the product. QuasarDB has been used in production in very demanding environments since 2013 and routinely processes terabytes of data per day without a fault.

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    High-performance, high-speed, fully integrated time series database

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    Seamlessly combines in-memory capabilities with reliable storage

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    Horizontal and vertical scaling for virtually limitless storage without performance loss

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    Easy data access through APIs or SQL-like query language

  • Seamless data management

    • A single binary for analytics, storage, and clustering
    • Hybrid in-memory, on-disk technology with automatic data pagination
    • Horizontal and elastic scaling based on the Chord algorithm
    • Transparent and configurable time series sharding for automatic load balancing
    • Virtually unlimited storage and memory capabilities
  • Easy data access

    • SQL-like query language
    • Tooling for high speed CSV/TSV ingestion, data exports, and backups
    • Convenient, ultra-high speed data ingestion API
    • Broad language support
    • Built-in connectors for popular analytics tools
  • Safe and durable

    • Distributed MVCC transactions deliver reliable "all or nothing" insertion
    • Reliable disk writes to minimize the risks of data loss
    • Consistent updates to avoid dirty reads
    • Built-in data replication
    • Built-in secure authentication and stream encryption (AES-256 GCM)
  • High performance

    • Zero-pause, zero-copy, native C++ implementation
    • High speed server-side aggregations leveraging SIMD capabilities of the processor
    • Space efficient indexes for instant data lookup
    • On the fly time series optimized data compression for efficient disk usage
    • High performance disk persistence with Levyx Helium

Technical Specifications

Data access is immediate, enabling you to leverage QuasarDB power directly from Excel, Spark, Python or a SQL-like query language! No need to learn a proprietary, esoteric query language! Typical use cases: Tick database, Predictive maintenance, Pre-deal checks

  • .Net
  • C
  • C++
  • Go
  • Java
  • Node
  • Php
  • Python
  • R
  • Rest
  • Apache Kafka
  • Apache Spark
  • Grafana
  • Microsoft Excel
  • FreeBSD
  • Linux
  • OS X
  • Windows
  • Bare Metal
  • Cloud (AWS, Azure)
  • Docker
  • Embedded
  • Virtual Machines
  • AMD64
  • ARM v7
  • ARM v8
  • Intel IA32
  • Intel x64
  • Mellanox
  • Solarflare
  • Use Case

    Research (finance)

    From zero to a ready-to-use research database in less than one hour! The QuasarDB tooling takes care of all the complexity of plugin high-bandwidth data streams into your database. Quants query the database through an interface they are familiar with, with only one limit: their imagination.

  • Use Case

    MiFID II Time compliance

    MiFID II mandates that you can exhibit time compliance on your network. The PRISMA compliance package, powered by QuasarDB, reliably record all time deviation on your network for several years while giving you instant, accurate, reporting.

  • Use Case

    Large scale monitoring

    As the size of your network grows, your data problem grows exponentially. QuasarDB makes the problem disappear for ever with its built-in flexibility, delivering several order of magnitude performance improvements over typical monitoring databases.

  • Use Case


    QuasarDB can reliably collect geological information gathered through radars in ARM32 devices and then merge that into a central cluster thanks to its unique capability of running on both low-powered devices and high-end bare metal servers. Connectivity is instant since both ends use the same technology.

Try QuasarDB

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    Fully Managed

    Turnkey solutions perfectly configured by our experts. Our managed instances include: ingestion, analytics connectivity, backups, replication, and monitoring.

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    Do-it-yourself QuasarDB. Run QuasarDB in your datacenter or your embedded device. The On-premises option has a free community edition. This community edition is fully featured and has no time limit.

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