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Quasardb is fast. Very fast. It will show in benchmarks, but most importantly it will show in real-life. Not only will quasardb work faster, but it will use less memory, less CPU and less disk. The speed comes from choosing the right data structures, the right algorithms and implementing them well in high-quality, modern C++.

  • Fast in frugal: do more with less.
  • Advanced, high-performance memory and I/O management
  • High-quality, modern C++ implementation


It cannot be simpler than a key-value store. Need to add an entry? Chose a name and add your data! Need to organize your content? Tag your entries! Simplicity shows in the API but also in deployment. Running a quasardb node is a matter of running one executable and most of the configuration options are computed automatically.

  • Easy to understand concepts for immediate productivity
  • Simple API available in many languages
  • Automatic configuration for fast deployment


You want your database to grow with you effortlessly. We agree with you. Quasardb has been designed in such a way that there is no difference in usage between a small cluster and a large cluster. Just add nodes as you need them.

  • Transparent and hot plug’n’play vertical and horizontal scaling
  • Virtually unlimited storage and processing capabilities
  • No API or code change required as you scale


Your data is safe with us. Quasardb has been running in production environments since 2013 and failure has never been an option. Whether you need to store 20 terabytes per day or require your cluster to never miss a query, quasardb will do the job.

  • Fault-tolerant by design: perfectly symmetric peer-to-peer architecture
  • Safe by default
  • Transactional features for conceptual data-integrity
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