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Training and consulting


Does your team need to grow? The people behind quasardb can help you with that. Our consultants all have extensive field and training experience and can share with you their knowledge in any of the following areas:

You can learn more in downloading our brochure (French only).

Quasardb is registered training company (number 11 75 47868 75).

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The quasardb technology is one part of the solution, but what about the rest? We can help you adapt your technology to ours, embed it or develop new features just for you.

Don’t do the last mile alone, get help from the minds behind quasardb!

Quasardb is registered research center eligible for Crédit Impot Recherche.

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This is just a glimpse of what quasardb can do for you.
Some supported APIs :
PHP .Net Hadoop C C++ Python Java Java

Supported OS :
FreeBSD Linux Windows Windows

Provided code samples are given as examples and are not guaranteed complete or suitable. Please refer to the technical documentation.