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Quasardb XTP

Quasardb XTP

Product description

Quasardb is a high-performance, distributed, column-oriented database with native time series support.

Transfers, computations and aggregations are so fast that analysts can work interactively on their data, regardless of the amount stored.

Ever wanted to access terabytes – if not petabytes – of data directly from the comfort of applications such as Microsoft Excel, ActivePivot or Apache Spark?

Quasardb makes it possible by giving you immediate access to any part of your data, and can do server-side computations when your tool cannot handle the load.

If needed, our multi-language APIs enable you to integrate your application directly with the quasardb technology.

Compliance (CVA, MiFID II/MIFIR, FRTB), fraud detection, Real-Time Bidding (RTB), HPC, predictive maintenance projects greatly benefit from quasardb XTP:

quasardb XTP runs in the cloud or on premises.

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This is just a glimpse of what quasardb can do for you.
Some supported APIs :
PHP .Net Hadoop C C++ Python Java Java

Supported OS :
FreeBSD Linux Windows Windows

Provided code samples are given as examples and are not guaranteed complete or suitable. Please refer to the technical documentation.