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Quasardb XTP

Quasardb XTP

Product description

quasardb XTP is a storage technology optimized for real-time analytics. Quasardb gives you direct and instant access to your data.

Ever wanted to access terabytes – if not petabytes – of data directly from the comfort of applications such as Microsoft Excel, ActivePivot or Apache Spark?
Quasardb makes it possible.

If needed, our multi-language APIs enable you to integrate your application directly with the quasardb technology.

Compliance (CVA, MiFID II/MIFIR, FRTB), fraud detection, Real-Time Bidding (RTB), HPC, predictive maintenance projects greatly benefit from quasardb XTP:

quasardb XTP runs in the cloud or on premises.

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This is just a glimpse of what quasardb can do for you.
Some supported APIs :
PHP .Net Hadoop C C++ Python Java Java

Supported OS :
FreeBSD Linux Windows Windows

Provided code samples are given as examples and are not guaranteed complete or suitable. Please refer to the technical documentation.