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13 05 2017

Quasardb joins STAC Council

We are very proud to announce that we joined the STAC Council!

We will be presenting at both STAC NYC and STAC London this summer.

7 04 2017

Clustering with quasardb

We’ve just published a new white paper to answer all your clustering-related questions!

In this whitepaper you will learn:

  • How clustering works
  • How to leverage data locality in multi-datacenters configurations
  • How to replicate clusters across data centers

Download the quasardb clustering white paper now!

21 03 2017

quasardb clustering available on Microsoft Azure

Launching pre-configured quasardb instances on Azure is great, but what about spawning a full fledged cluster with a couple of click?

We are very happy to announce that clustering is now available on Microsoft Azure.

26 01 2017

quasardb 2.0.0 released

We are very pleased to announce the immediate availability of quasardb 2.0.0!

This achievement would not be possible without the cooperation of our partners and customers.

We would really like to thank the people at ActiveViam, Cisco, Facebook, HP, Intel, Mellanox and Microsoft for their help and support.

Azure and AWS images will be updated in the next days..

Get it now!

2 12 2016

Unleash the power of quasardb with Mellanox hardware

What happens when you run quasardb on Mellanox network cards? Incredible performance!

Over the last months we had the great pleasure to work with the technical team at Mellanox and see how we can leverage the power of their network cards as well as the VMA library to deliver maximum performance to our customer.

More information in our solution brief.

4 11 2016

quasardb 2.0.0 rc9 released

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of quasardb 2.0.0 RC9.

The RC9 is a performance and bug fixes release only. In this release we greatly increased clock accuracy for improved transaction performance and reduced conflicts.

Azure and AWS image will be updated in the next days.

5 10 2016

Mount a file system on quasardb

Data processing applications often have a very difficult decision to make: database or filesystem?

Why decide? Let’s have the two in one package!

We are very pleased to announce the immediate availability of the alpha version of our block device driver for Linux. Filesystem and database cohabit in a single package without interfering with each other.

From loading and storing large CSV files to using quasardb as a back-end to store docker volumes the applications are limitless!

Switching to quasardb is now very easy: first use it as a distributed file system and then progressively unleash its power through its straightforward and comprehensive API!

Last but not least, the driver is fully compatible with the community edition. Not enough? Contact-us for a, free, 45 days quasardb license.

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