Limitless time series for demanding use cases

The most cost efficient solution that seamlessly combines
in-memory capabilities with unlimited storage

Company Overview

QuasarDB is a high-performance, distributed, time series database. QuasarDB has been designed to handle the most extreme time series use cases in financial applications. It seamlessly combines, in a single product, in-memory database capabilities with efficient, reliable long-term storage. Scalability is transparent, whether it’s for very large and dense time series or millions of smaller ones.

Your data infrastructure should be as bold as your strategies: store everything forever and query at will. See for yourself and try out our free community edition now!

  • Seamless data management

    In one system, QuasarDB delivers long term data storage and in-memory time series analytics. Whether the data is from 20 years ago or 1 us ago, it is made transparently available. Leverage the full depth of your data history, streamline your processes, and save a lot of precious time.

  • Analyst friendly

    Through its SQL interface QuasarDB delivers immediate productivity to analysts. QuasarDB integrates easily with R and Python, including numpy and Pandas! Users become immediately productive and aren’t jailed in a proprietary language.

  • Resilience

    Being a distributed, transactional, database, with built-in replication, QuasarDB delivers data without missing a beat. Stop compromising on data integrity and safety. When the system says data has been written, it means it’s been written.

  • Top of the line performance

    With its ultra-efficient low-level C++ implementation, unique distribution and compression algorithms, QuasarDB delivers unparalleled TCO in a small package. That means ingesting billions of points per second while keeping a very low disk and memory footprint.

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    Turnkey solutions perfectly configured by our experts. Our managed instances include: ingestion, analytics connectivity, backups, replication, and monitoring.

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    Do-it-yourself QuasarDB. Run QuasarDB in your datacenter or your embedded device. The On-premises option has a free community edition. This community edition is fully featured and has no time limit.

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