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Quasardb time series in financial services

“Time series analysis attempts to understand the past and predict the future.” If you’re a quantitative analyst, you use a variety of tools and techniques to mine big data, such as market transaction histories, for information that can provide insight into market trends. Because quotes, trades and other events happen at predictable intervals, such data represents a financial time series that you can analyze by using established techniques, including frequency analysis and moving averages. (...)

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Quasardb datagrid for derivatives

This usecase describes how a major French bank, trading derivatives, implemented quasardb as part of a new front-to-back valuation and pricing solution.
All banks are faced with increasing regulatory directives, accounting reforms and the ongoing development of the derivatives market - requiring powerful in-house systems for calculation and managing risk.
Market finance is very demanding of computer resource. The calculation of complex financial instrument, such as stock derivatives, can (...)

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